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Live Twitter feeds of responses to the renaming here and here.

5/17/2016, Washington Post, “It’s official: George Mason’s law school is named in honor of Scalia”

5/17/2016, New York Times, “George Mason University Firms Up Plan to Name Law School for Scalia”

5/17/2016, Richmond Times-Dispatch, “SCHEV steps aside; GMU law school to be named for Scalia”

5/16/2016, Richmond Times-Dispatch, “AG’s office backs GMU authority to rename law school for Scalia”

5/16/2016, Washington Post, “The Scalia name may already be official for George Mason’s law school, committee suggests”

5/7/2016, Washington Post, “A polarizing name change at George Mason”

5/5/2016, Inside Higher Ed, “Seeking a Pause on Scalia Law”

5/5/2015, Chronicle of Higher Education, “George Mason Faculty Demands Review of University’s Agreements with Donors”

5/4/2016, Washington Post, “GMU faculty senate demands answers – and a delay – on renaming law school after Justice Scalia”

5/4/2016, Wall Street Journal, “George Mason Faculty Ask University to Suspend Renaming of Law School After Scalia”

5/4/2016, Washingtonian, “The Donation that Renamed George Mason’s Law School after Scalia Sure Has Some Weird Rules Attached”

5/4/2016, Above the Law, “ASSLaw President Struggles to Defend Name Change”

5/2/2016, Washington Post, “Are conservative donors bullying this public university? Its president says no”

4/29/2016, Global Legal Post, “Controversies continue for planned Scalia namesake law school”

4/29/2016, Bloomberg BNA, “After Faculty Concerns, George Mason Stands by Renaming Law School After Scalia”

4/29/2016, Chronicle of Higher Education, “George Mason’s Plans to Honor Scalia Spark Protests Over the University’ Direction”

4/28/2o16, New York Times, “What’s in a name change? Politics, some at George Mason fear”

4/28/2016, Fairfax City Patch, “Name GMU Law School After Scalia? Not So Fast”

4/28/2016, Wall Street Journal, “‘Scalia Law School’ Sparks Faculty Feud at George Mason”

4/28/2016, Washington Post “Lawmaker delivers petition opposing George Mason’s decision to rename its law school for Scalia”

4/28/2016, National Law Journal, “New Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason Draws Fire”

4/28/2016, Insider Higher Ed, “George Mason Faculty Senate Questions Decision to Rename Law School After Scalia”

4/27/2016, GMU Fourth Estate, “Mason faculty sign petition against law school name change”

4/27/2016, Buzzfeed, “Professors Rail Against Law School Renaming After Antonin Scalia, Taking Koch Money”

4/8/2016, Maryland Daily Record, “GMU faculty, staff denounce renaming of law school after Scalia”

4/7/2016, NBC, “George Mason University Professors Oppose Naming Law School After Antonin Scalia”

4/7/2016, The Wire, “Lawmakers Still Oppose Antonin Scalia School of Law After Acronym Shuffle”

4/7/2016, The Guardian, “ASSLaw is the butt of jokes. So what?”

4/6/2016, NBC News, “George Mason University Renames Law School Due to Awkward Scalia Acronym”

4/6/2015, MSNBC, “George Mason University Renames Law School Due to Awkward Scalia Acronym”

4/5/2016, Washington Post, “VA delegate: Naming a law school for Scalia is a polarizing mistake”

4/5/2016, The Guardian, “George Mason tweaks name of law school to avoid ‘Ass’ acronym”

4/5/2016, CNN, “GMU law school renaming after Antonin Scalia hits snag”

4/5/2016, Slate, “George Mason Rebrands Rebranded Antonin Scalia School of Law Because of Unfortunate Acronym”

4/3/2016, GMU Fourth Estate, “Law school renamed after $30 million donation”

4/1/2016, US News & World Report, “The Name Scalia Says it All”

4/1/2016, WJLA, “GMU Law School to become Antonin Scalia School of Law (ASSOL)”

3/31/2016, Wall Street Journal, “George Mason University Renames Law School after Justice Antonin Scalia”

3/31/2016, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, “George Mason University Naming its Law School for Scalia”